Special Notice

Manual Clay Thrower. The "automated" manual clay thrower is offline for repairs. You can still throw clays manually if you want.    


Winter Range Conditions: Our range is located on a gravel ranch road. Members need to remember this during the winter season. It is not uncommon to get large snowdrifts at the range. We do not proactively plow the road. Members with low clearance vehicles need to be aware of this. Before going to the range, you should check the website or phone (970-282-1648). We do our best to post messages on both locations if events are canceled or roads are difficult to drive on. If you decide to go to the range and see a condition like this, please alert the Club by email (membership@ncrgc.org). Keep in mind, we can only use the roads that are provided and cannot create new roads by cutting across fields, etc. 

Welcome to the Northern Colorado Rod & Gun Club

We are a private gun club with several public shooting events. We promote the shooting sports and safe gun handling for the entire family. The Club was founded in 1948 through the merger of four sportsmen groups: Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley and Estes Park. The Club moved to its current location in 1970 on Owl Canyon Road off US 287 on the Weaver Ranch north of Fort Collins, Colorado. The objectives of the Club include:  

  1. The encouragement of organized rifle, pistol, and shotgun shooting among residents of the County of Larimer and nearby locations, with a view towards a better knowledge on the part of such persons of the safe handling and proper care of firearms, as well as improved marksmanship.
  2. The encouragement of hunting and fishing and related activities and to further the development of those characteristics of honesty, fellowship and good sportsmanship among its members and the public in general.
  3. The promotion and support of conservation programs and wise management of wildlife.
  4. To foster understanding by the general public, and especially its non-hunting members, of the need for game management through regulated hunting, and to build a greater rapport between sportsmen and landowners on whose lands we would like to fish and hunt.
  5. The promotion of the highest degree of sportsmanship and good fellowship among the membership of the Club, and the prevention of unsportsmanlike conduct.

Our Shooting Disciplines

We are a private gun club with several public shooting events. Please come out and join us! All of our matches are open to the public (some require pre-registration and payment). Non-members attending a match can not use other ranges while at the match. Please call 970-282-1648 to check for cancellations or range closures due to weather. 

Rimfire Carnival

Know Your Limits

Northern Colorado Rod & Gun Club (NCRGC)

Physical Address: 4809 West CR 72, Laporte CO 80535

Mailing Address: PO Box 1298, Fort Collins CO 80522

Email (preferred): membership@ncrgc.org

Phone (not staffed): 970-282-1648

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