Welcome! The maximum number of Club memberships is 800 households as determined by the Larimer County non-conforming status that was established and documented in a Code Compliance File from 2006. We are currently at maximum capacity and we maintain a waitlist for people interested in becoming a member. The Club has a lot to offer and the wait is definitely worth it. Thank you for your interest in the Club!  
If you are interested in joining the Club, you should take the time to read our Bylaws.
NCRGC Bylaws 20180407 Final.pdf
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Membership renewal for current members occurs in July of each year after which we usually have several openings. New members will be contacted by email with further instructions as we have openings. The majority of our invitations are sent after membership renewal between August and September each year.  


The Club offers one type of membership--a Household membership ($125 per year) is offered to:
  1. Adult 18 years of age or older who can legally possess a firearm,
  2. Their Spouse as defined by Colorado law, and
  3. Any children under 18 years of age and residing in the household.

In Colorado, a spouse includes the following (reference the Colorado Division of Human Resources):  

  1. Current Spouse, including Common Law Spouse. Spouse means a spouse as recognized under federal tax law. Common Law Spouse means an adult, who is at least 18 years of age; and with whom the member cohabitates; and who represent themselves to the community as married to each other; and there is no legal impediment to the marriage.
  2. Current Domestic Partner who is an adult, who is at least 18 years of age; and who is of the same gender as the employee; and with whom the member has shared an exclusive, committed relationship with that same person for at least one year prior to enrollment with the intent for the relationship to last indefinitely; and who is not related to the member by blood to a degree that would prohibit marriage; and neither the member nor partner is married to another person; and neither the member nor partner is in a civil union with another person.
  3. Current partner in a civil union means an adult, regardless of the gender of either party, at least 18 years of age who is not a partner in another civil union; who is not married to another person; who is not under guardianship, unless the partner under guardianship has the written consent of his or her guardian; and neither partner is a relative of the other whether the relationship is by the half or the whole blood.

These definitions are subject to change and you should consult Federal and Colorado law for more information.


The adult is designated as the Regular member and the spouse is designated as the Associate member. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a badged Regular or Associate member at all times while on Club property. Badges are issued to Regular and Associate members who complete a waiver and agree to follow the Range Safety Rules. The Board can set additional requirements for the issuance of badges (e.g., required safety orientations for new members). Badges are non-transferable and must not be shared.
IRS Designation. The Club a 501(c)(7) company organized for pleasure, recreation, and other nonprofitable purposes, substantially all the activities of which are for such purposes and no part of the net earnings of which insures to the benefit of any member.


Other fees include:


Capital Improvement Fee ($125).  This fee is charged to new members only for the first year.    


Range Cleanup Fee ($100) - This fee is charged during membership renewal to current members who did not participate in at least one range cleanup during the past year.  By Board of Directors decision, the June range cleanup is the last time that members receive credit for the current year.  The July range cleanup goes towards next year's cleanup commitment.         


Lost Badge Fee ($25)

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The waitlist will be updated weekly as needed. You can check the waitlist by opening the pdf below. Only last name and first initial are displayed for privacy reasons.

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In July 2016, the Board of Directors added a new benefit for household members who have children under their current membership who have turned 18 in the past year or will turn 18 soon and want to remain a member of the Club. Since they no longer can be under their parent’s membership, we give them priority over non-members on the waitlist so they can remain a member under their own membership. Therefore, they go to the top of the waitlist. So, if your name slips a few places on the waitlist, it means a few families have taken advantage of this new benefit. Don’t worry, the few families that qualify for this benefit won’t drastically change your place on the waitlist. Please contact the Member Services Coordinator ( to inquire about this benefit. 

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