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Rimfire Challenge


The initial investment required to participate in the NSSF Rimfire Challenge is low compared to other shooting sports. Since .22-caliber ammunition is very affordable, a whole family can shoot without breaking the bank.  Remember, all NSSF Rimfire Challenge competitions must include stages for both handgun and rifle chambered for .22 Long Rifle only. Competition is open to all safe and responsible individuals who can legally own or handle a firearm in the jurisdiction of the competition.  For the foreseeable future, there is no cost to participate in the Clinics and Monthly/Quarterly events.  When we get to the point where we are ready to schedule Registered Matches, we may institute a small fee so that we can purchase some prizes for the participants.   



The targets are steel plates that are set in a course of fire that is no less than 5 plates and no more than 7 plates. The course of fire is designed to be completed by even the most inexperienced shooter using one 10-round magazine without the need to reload “on the clock.” Steel plates were chosen as the targets because they are easy to buy or build, and because this type of target provides the shooter with immediate visual and audio feedback.


No Experience Required

A unique feature of the NSSF Rimfire Challenge is that experienced participants are encouraged to help new and novice shooters move up to the next level of proficiency by sharing their tips and shooting knowledge. Matches emphasize the friendly, supportive aspects of target shooting and competition. This low-key competition should remind participants that the shooting sports are lifetime activities that are fun and affordable for men, women and youth.



As always, remember to safely handle firearms at all times and to store firearms safely when you are finished shooting.  We operate a “Cold Range” which means that all firearms will be kept unloaded except in the designated shooting area under the direct supervision of a Match Official.  During the match, participants will refrain from handling their firearm, except when instructed by a Match Official.  All firearms must be in hard or soft cases or gun rugs when brought to the designated shooting area and must be in hard or soft cases or gun rugs when removed from the designated shooting area.  No holsters are allowed.  A handgun is a firearm (as a revolver or pistol) designed to be held and fired with one hand.  A rifle is a firearm with a rifled bore, designed to be fired from the shoulder.  Participants are required to sign a waiver prior to their participation and complete a survey after the match.  We are growing this program from the ground up and we need your feedback so that we can make improvements along the way. 


Tournament Divisions

Participants will compete in one of two divisions.  The Open Division is any firearm (pistol or revolver in handgun case) with scopes, optical sights, light gathering scopes, battery powered optics, lasers, compensator or muzzle brake.  The Limited Division is any firearm with iron sights.  Adjustable sights and fiber optic sights are allowed but no electronic sights, compensators, muzzle brakes, or barrel weights.  Initially, we plan to offer Clinics at first followed by Monthly/Quarter matches.    



Bragging rights for sure!  And special recognition for cowboy/cowgirl, top lady, top youth, top junior, and top senior.  There must be at least three participants in a given category for that category to be recognized in a match. 



Please read the NSSF Rimfire Challenge rulebook below in order to get the most enjoyment out of participating in your matches. It’s important to understand the terminology used to describe participation in a match. The glossary of terms that is provided at the end of this document will help.  NSSF Rimfire Challenge Rule Book


Help Needed

Please email  if you would like to assist with this program.  We need Match Officials to assist the Match Director with safety, timing, score keeping, etc.  The time commitment is minimal and we can make it so that you get a chance to shoot during the match.      


We hope you enjoy the NSSF Rimfire Challenge target shooting experience, and we encourage you to bring your friends and family members to matches as spectators or, even better, as participants. 

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