Rimfire Challenge

Annual Rimfire Carnival

Have you ever wanted to “plink” at some bowling pins, golf balls, playing cards, ducks, steel, zombies and various splatter targets?  Well now you can at the Annual Rimfire Carnival on October 14, 2017 at 10 am on Tactical Bays 1 and 2. The entry fee is $10.  This is a safe, low pressure, family friendly event that is open to the public.  Every stage that you “win” gets you a raffle ticket good for numerous prizes including a handgun and a rifle (pause for effect). That’s right, we will be giving away two guns and a lot more! Stages are set up to accommodate both rifle and handgun from any manufacturer in .22 Long Rifle caliber (no centerfire). All firearms must be unloaded and cased (no holsters) until you are on the firing line under the direction of a Range Safety Officer. You will need to bring approximately 300 rounds of .22 ammo as each stage is a max of 10 shots. Get ready to show off your marksmanship skills and compete against other shooters in an event that is truly legen --- wait for it --- dary! 

More prizes are being added!!!

Call (970) 282-1648 to check for cancellations or range closures


The NSSF Rimfire Challenge, formerly known as the Ruger Rimfire Challenge, introduces participants to the fun and excitement of competitive shooting in a safe, low-pressure, family-friendly format. All levels of target shooters—new, novice and experienced—are welcome to compete.  Each will find a challenge appropriate to his or her level of marksmanship.  The Rimfire Challenge was developed with safety in mind. Shooters are required to compete using a rifle and handgun from any manufacturer in .22 Long Rifle caliber. 


Please email rimfire@ncrgc.org if you need a loaner rifle or handgun for your first challenge.  While we can’t accommodate everyone, we don’t want this to be a barrier for your participation and fun.     

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