Rules and Regulations

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2021 NRL22 Season Rule Change Summary:

-Executive staff updated

-Support staff added

-Section 3. A. 1. - allows for a stage to have two options. Option 1 is the standard COF 100 yards and in. Option 2 is the extended range 200 yards and in. This will be determined based off of the size and distance from Option 1. We will provide the size and distance for Option 2.

-Section 3. A. 4. - To incentivize more NRL22 memberships we added this "Additionally, for every subsequent match after the first match, the shooter's name will be entered into the random box to increase their ability to win a prize from our sponsors."

-Section 3. B. 11. - "Shooters will only be allowed to take a position on any prop while on the clock and shooting the stage. This will ensure that they don’t gain an advantage and helps to move the match along. However, this rule is at the discretion of the Match Director."

- Section 3. D. 7. - "Range Officers will ensure that the shooter’s chamber is cleared and chamber flag/block inserted prior to them moving their rifle off the firing line. "

-Section 5. B. 1. - Base class MSRP has been increased to $1200. Hand grips are allowed to be changed. A list of out of date base class rifles/scopes will be published that will be allowed to stay in base class.

-Section 5. B. 5. - "Shooters must pick one class to shoot at the beginning of a local monthly shoot or the National Championship. The shooter is only eligible for placement in the class in which they signed up. For example, if a woman shooter with a base rifle signs up for Ladies class and wins the entire shoot, she will only be recognized for the placement in the class in which she signed up for. In this example, that would be the Ladies class."

-Section 5. B. 7. - "OG / Adaptive class will be available to any shooter older than 60 years old or any shooter that has special needs/considerations. It will be up to the Match Director to determine special needs. It is up to the OG /Adaptive class participants to have reviewed the course of fire prior to the local match. Before the match begins, the Match Director shall hold a meeting with all of the OG / Adaptive participants to discuss the course of fire and all agree on any changes/scaling to accommodate the OG / Adaptive class. An example would be utilizing a bench instead of shooting prone. OG / Adaptive class may abide by Base, Open, or Air Rifle class rules."

-Section 5. C. 1. - No equipment restrictions for any class; however, tripods and shooting sticks will never be allowed.

-Section 5. D. 3. - "Environmental conditions, slight difference in Course of Fire interpretation, use of the different options in the course of fire and local match sizes are inevitably going to be different. "

-Section 5. F. 1. - The National Championship match is to be held May 27-29 of 2022 in St. Louis, Missouri hosted by Jason McBride and the Bench Rest Rifle Club of St. Louis.

-Section 5. F. 3. - "10 slots for the National Championship will be awarded to International NRL22 shooters. International NRL22 clubs will be responsible to determine which shooters will attend from their country."

Old Rules (Historical Reference Only)

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