Rules and Regulations


  • We work extremely hard to make sure this is a safe and fun event. Everyone must check in with the Match Director upon arrival. Setup at 8 am (please help if you can), zero/DOPE as soon as setup is complete, announcements at 9:15 am, and match at 9:30 am.
  • There are no walk-ins allowed on the day of the match. Participants must pre-register, pay, and squad using Practiscore. Spectators are allowed providing they sign a waiver.
  • There is a mandatory safety briefing for new shooters at 8:30 am so please arrive on time.
  • You must bag your firearm to and from the firing line. Eye and ear protection are required. There is no smoking on the range.
  • Do not leave children unattended as this is an active gun range and rattlesnakes have been spotted in the area.
  • The Range Safety Rules are located on our website ( as well as the NRL22 Rules and Regulations ( Please familiarize yourself with these rules.
  • To help move the match along, shooters will only be allowed to take a position on any prop while on the clock and shooting the stage. The MD/RSO/RO can make exceptions for new shooters.
  • The shooter’s chamber must be cleared, and chamber flag/block inserted prior to moving your rifle off the firing line. We provide free chamber flags.
  • Base class MSRP has been increased to $1,200 and there are no equipment restrictions for any class; however, tripods and shooting sticks are not allowed.
  • We will be shooting Option 1 on all the national stages. Option 1 is the standard Course of Fire (COF) 100 yards and in.
  • We will have seven stages (five from National and two fun stages) and there are six shooters to a squad. Your squad number is your starting lane number.
  • Please contact the Match Director at if you have any questions. Thank you! 

NRL22 Rules and Regulations

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NRL22 Rules Summary Change for 2022.pdf
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Old Rules (Historical Reference Only)

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