National Championship

Note: This is the information for the past National Championship in 2021. It will change for 2022. 

2020/2021 NRL22 Championship – Interest Survey


This survey is to gauge how many NRL22 Members from our Club are interested in attending the 2020/2021 NRL22 Championship (see details below). If you are interested, please respond by March 19, 2021 via email ( Please make sure that if you say you want to go, you fully understand the cost of the match, travel, and hotel rooms (working on group rates for hotel). If you commit and then back out, it could cost another NRL22 Member their opportunity to shoot. National usually limits us to the shooters who have the highest scores in each class (limited to shooter’s top 3 scores for the season’s local matches); however, they have asked me to list every NRL22 Member who wants to go in case there is extra room.




Bryon Fessler

NRL22 Match Director

Northern Colorado Rod & Gun Club






Seasoned match director, Chaz Macrander will be able to host 250 of the best NRL22/NRL22X shooters in the country in Nehawka, Nebraska May 28-30, 2021 (Memorial Weekend). While the NRL22 is welcoming to any shooter, the opportunity to compete in the NRL22 Championship is reserved only for current NRL22 Members who have met the eligibility requirement.

EVENT DETAILS: Each participant will get an official 20/21 NRL22 Championship Match T-shirt, other swag, 2 lunches, and 1 dinner at the awards ceremony. The course of fire will be at least 270 rounds fired 24-25 stages. Skills learned in the 20/21 season will be utilized throughout the COF, but we will not be limited to 100 yards. Expect engagements to be from 50 yards to 450 yards with plenty of engagements between 100 and 200 yards. Magazine changes may be required, but the same good old fashion fun will present with the stages being just as cleanable. Gear restrictions will not be the same for all stages as per the NRL22 rules. Some stages may have no gear restrictions and some may only allow you to have one piece of equipment in accordance with this seasons NRL22 rules. We will have targets down range for most every distance that we intend to shoot during the match on Friday for sight in.

TROPHIES / PRIZE TABLE: Trophies will be distributed for the top shooters in all five classes. The prize table will be walked in order of finish for each class. Each class will walk according to its attendance. As an example, if we have 90 Open class shooters, 35 Young Guns class shooters, 30 Ladies class shooters, 15 Old Gun shooters, 25 Base class shooters, and 10 Air Rifle shooters, then the order will be 1st place for each class in the order of Open, then Young Guns, then Ladies, then Old Guns, then Base, and finally Air Rifle class. Then 2nd place and so on.

CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH FEE: $250 for Open, Base, Old Guns, Ladies, and Air Rifle. $175 for Young Guns.


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