Shooting Schedule


  • Setup starts at 7:30 a.m. We need your help. Your participation in setup will greatly improve start times.
  • All match props and stages must be stowed before side match begins, this is expected to be completed by the last squad that shoots the stage.
  • All side match participants are to remain until all participants have completed the side match and help tear down and stow the props.

  • Scheduled side matches may be cancelled due to weather, attendance, other contingencies and time permitting.

Date Side Match
1/20/2018 No side match
2/17/2018 No side match
3/17/2018 No side match
4/21/2018 Shotgun side match
5/19/2018 Rifle side match
6/16/2018 BUG match/shotgun side match
7/21/2018 Rifle side match
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