Match Information



We run a cold range; this means all guns must be unloaded without a magazine, and hammer must be down except at the direction of a range officer.

  • $15.00 match fee
  • 100+ rounds per match
  • 9mm minimum caliber pistol, 38 caliber revolver
  • Holster and mag pouch with 3 magazines/speed loaders minimum
  • Previewed NOCO TAC rules
  • Concealment garment necessary
  • New shooters must attend the safety meeting
  • All shooters must attend the shooters’ meeting
  • The minimum age 12 years old, anyone between 12 and 18 must have parental supervision and must sign a waiver for the minor.  In addition, Safety Officers will evaluate the minor’s gun handling skills prior to the match to further determine eligibility.

Match rules will be supplied at the range.

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