Match Information


Matches:  Third Saturday of the Month (weather permitting)


Scheduled side matches may be cancelled due to weather, attendance, other contingencies and time permitting.


Setup Time:  7:30 a.m.


All shooters are expected to assist in setup and with breaking down stages and returning props to storage after the match.


Match Fees:  $20 per shooter
Shooters arriving before 7:45 and assisting with setup will be discounted $5


Juniors $10 (12‐18 years old participating with a parent/guardian)


2nd gun (PCC division only) is $10 additional


Minimum Age Requirement:  The Minimum Age 12 years old, anyone between 12 and 18 must have parental supervision and adult must sign a waiver form for the minor. In addition, Safety Officers will evaluate the minor’s gun handling skills prior to the match.


Side Matches:  All side match participants are to remain until all participants have completed the side match and help tear down and stow the props.


Equipment and Requirements:  

  • 9mm minimum caliber pistol, 38 caliber revolver minimum
  • Holster and mag pouch with 3 magazines/speed loaders minimum
  • Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) division, 9mm, .40 cal, .45ACP only
  • Magazine fed, shoulder fired, semi-auto carbines onlY
  • Concealment garment necessary
  • New shooters must attend the safety meeting
  • All shooters must attend the shooters’ meeting
  • NOCO TAC rules will be provided at the match for review
  • 120 rounds per match approximate


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