Match Information

Defensive Pistol

  • $15 match fee

  • Eye and ear protection is mandatory for everyone and 200+ rounds of ammo are recommended.

  • Practical handgun(s) and holsters – and minimum of 3 magazines or speed loaders. Maximum magazine length is 141.25MM-5.561” except if you shoot in the open division then the max magazine length is 171.25MM-6.742”.

  • Defensive Pistol rules are most like USPSA rules, scoring may vary from these rules. A few examples, you can load magazines based on your division limits. You can carry unlimited magazines and drop magazines anytime. No concealment garment is necessary. The scoring area of targets and no-shoots are deemed to be impenetrable. Using cover is not required unless specified in the course of fire description.

  • Commissioned police and law enforcement officers and active-duty military personnel may use their standard-issue duty gear.

  • Both IDPA or USPSA targets and steel are used in this match.

  • Round counts per stage can be up to 35 rounds.

  • All steel stages are sometimes used.

  • All shooters must attend a new shooter meeting if they have not shot at this range.

  • The Minimum Age 12 years old, anyone between 12 and 18 must have parental supervision and must sign a waiver form for the minor. In addition, Safety Officers will evaluate the minor’s gun handling skills prior to the match to further determine eligibility. 

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