Rules and Regulations



  • Only compound/recurve/long bows allowed on the 3D Range.
  • Only field tips allowed on 3D Range.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings, there is uneven terrain, scrub brush, and cactus. There may also be rattlesnakes, livestock, or other wildlife on the 3D Range.
  • Elevation and weather can affect your health; stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, and use bug repellent. Long pants, boots, and a hat are recommended.
  • The shotgun fields and tactical bays 3-6 are closed during 3D event.
  • The Tactical Bay Range and 3D Archery Event Flag must be raised during event.
  • Keep the 3D Archery Range area clean/picked-up.
  • Report any damage to targets/equipment/property to Match director.
  • NCRGC is a “Cold Range” facility, therefore arrows must be un-nocked, except when shooting.
  • Only shoot at designated targets, in designated shooting lanes, from your designated shooting line.
  • Only nock your arrow at direction of RSO.
  • Only draw once you have verified your aiming point, being aware of surroundings.
  • For trigger release’s, keep your finger off trigger until you are ready to release.
  • Yell “Cease Fire” if you see an unsafe condition or safety violation.
  • If you hear a whistle or cease fire, do not shoot. Return arrow to quiver and wait for further instruction from RSO.
  • Failure to comply with NCRGC/3D club/event/safety rules, may result in dismissal from remainder of event, and further disciplinary action may be taken.



  • 3D Archery events are held north of tactical bay 6.  Use the pedestrian gate, northwest of the Pistol Range, near the picnic tables.
  • Keep the gate closed to keep out livestock. 
  • Do not shoot at livestock/wildlife.
  • Members must visibly wear their club ID badge.
  • Non-members must fill out a waiver form and turn it in to Match Director, and visibly wear guest badge.
  • No pets allowed, other than certified service animals, while on NCRGC property.
  • Each participant/attendee is responsible for their conduct and actions during the event, ensuring that they always present themselves in a responsible and respectful manner.
  • All non-members shall exit the property at the conclusion of the event, prior to the NCRGC gate being locked, unless accompanied by badged member.
  • Smoking/Vaping, and/or Alcohol/Drugs (including recreational), are not allowed on NCRGC property.
  • Presence of livestock/wildlife on/in vicinity of range may pause/end event.
  • In the event of an emergency, follow NCRGC rules and procedures.
  • All attendees will sign-in/register and attend a safety and event briefing.



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