3D Archery

Matches are canceled until further notice.

For those who do not know anything about 3D archery, it is set up as a walking course, like golf, where you shoot at varying distances, from set locations, at life-like foam targets. The goal is to fun shooting in a hunting-scenario format, with uneven terrain, scrub brush, cactus, and other obstacles.  This event will be held the 3rd Sunday of every month unless cancelled. It will start at 8:30a.m. and go until your session is complete, which is usually a couple of hours. The cost is $10 and is open to the public. The cost includes snacks and drinks. I recommend wearing

boots and long pants (not required). Cancelled events will be on message line which is 970-282-1648 and on calendar. You must click into event on that date to show cancellation, it does not show on main page of calendar.
You will have groups of 1-3 shooters, depending on how many people show up. Each group will start at 1 of 10 (so far only 10 targets) stations and rotate through each station. You will go through twice, for a total of 20 targets, with a break in-between each circuit. You will take 1 shot each per station, rotating who goes first at each station. Each station will be marked with 4 stakes to indicate where to shoot from. More information will be given at each event. The safety rules are also posted on the 3d archery discipline link. If you have any questions, please email me at 3darchery@ncrgc.org.

Photos courtesy Ben Price (AdSortium Media)



  • Broadhead arrows are NOT allowed.
  • YELL “CEASE FIRE” if you believe an unsafe condition exists.
  • If you hear a cease fire or 3 whistles, do not shoot and wait for instructions.
  • Arrows must always be kept in your quiver when not nocked.
  • Do not nock an arrow until you are ready to draw.
  • Do not draw until you have identified your shot point and are ready to shoot.
  • Shoot only at designated targets from designated firing positions.
  • For trigger/release shooters do not place finger near trigger/release until on target and ready to shoot.
  • Retrieve arrows properly to not damage arrows or targets (2 hands and/or retriever).
  • Keep range clean.  Pick up any trash/belongings/etc.
  • Report any damaged/broken targets/tools/accessories to an RSO.
  • By discretion of a RSO, you may be asked to leave for the remainder of the event, due to failure to observe club/range rules.
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