Rifle Range Safety Improvements

The Rifle Range will be closed from May 6, 2019 to July 31, 2019 with August as a contingency month due to weather and volunteer delays. The road to the Rifle Range will be closed at the "Y" intersection, so please do not attempt to drive around the barriers and cones. As a reminder, rifles are not allowed on the lower ranges.

Update - June 29, 2019

Shoring up the front of the concrete slab. Metal roof is installed. Spectator area and picnic tables are 80% completed. Fencing is starting to go up. Lane numbers are installed (minus a few #1s which are on backorder). Shooting tables are being installed. Range flag is ready.

Update - June 25, 2019

Roof is ready for metal. Shooting tables are being installed. Fence is going up. Parking lot is almost ready for road base and gravel.

Update - June 22, 2019

Framing for the metal roof and more painted legs for the shooting tables.

Update - June 15, 2019

Minor shed adjustment needed and painting the sheds and table legs.

Update - June 10, 2019

Sheds being delivered along with the pre-fab concrete shooting tables and metal legs.

Update - May 27, 2019

Concrete slab is poured for the shooting stations. Posts are also set in concrete.

Update - May 4, 2019

We removed all of the remaining structures at the May range cleanup and completed the boundary survey.

Update - April 6, 2019

We accomplished a lot of work at the April range cleanup for the Rifle Range safety improvements. We painted and numbered the steel lane markers, cut the PVC into 1' lengths and started making the target frames. We will continue making the target frames at the May cleanup and the Rifle Range will close for construction on May 6th. 

Update - March 30, 2019

Over 50 members attended the rescheduled March range cleanup despite the cold weather. In addition to the normal range cleanup tasks, we were able to demo the shed and cover and remove all the steel rails per the Board approved schedule. Thank you for a job well done! 

Photos and videos courtesy Ben Price

Rifle Range Safety Improvements

The Board has been doing the necessary planning for three years now and it has taken over 100 volunteer project management hours to get to this point. Here is the notional timeline for the project:

  • May 6 - Close Rifle Range
  • Mid-May - Demo cover, shed, target stands, etc.
  • Late-May - Layout survey
  • May 28-31 - Earthworks
  • Early June - Final survey
  • June - Construction
  • July - Target stands, PVC, picnic tables, fending, reseeding, etc.
  • August 31 - Project completion

The Board recently passed a motion to close the Rifle Range from May 6 to August 31, 2019. Members are reminded that rifles are not allowed on ANY of the lower ranges except for Board-approved events (e.g., Hunter Education, Rimfire Challenge, First Shots). The Board will increase monitoring during this time period and anyone who violates the Range Safety Rules is subject to suspension or expulsion from the Club. The Board takes safety very seriously and we ask all members to do the same. 


Note: This schedule is subject to change based on weather, volunteers, etc.

Schedule for Rifle Range Safety Improvem[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [98.1 KB]

Site Plan (Existing Range Features)

Site Plan (Proposed Range Features)

Recent newsletter articles on the Rifle Range safety improvements generated several questions from members so we will try our best to answer them. Additional questions should be sent to the Board at bod@ncrgc.org.


  1. The Board is working with an engineering consultant from CTL Thompson to adapt the “best practice” plans in the NRA Range Source Book to meet local conditions and codes (e.g., roof, floor, wind and seismic loads). The plans are completed and they will include 20 covered shooting stations (each 10’ x 10’) and two ADA sidewalk entrances.
  2. The orientation of the rifle range needs to change so that we can take full advantage of the terrain and gully area for the longer ranges (e.g., 200 yards). We will eliminate crossfire by shooting in designated lanes only.
  3. The Board-approved construction schedule starts on May 6 and finishes on August 31. The Rifle Range will be closed during this timeframe for obvious reasons.
  4. The grant that the Board is pursuing will help offset about 30% of the total cost of the project. Applications must have at least one Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) signature to be accepted and the Club recently had an onsite meeting with District Wildlife Manager (DWM) Pepper Canterbury who is very supportive of the planned safety improvements.
  5. The public use for all our ranges is currently 32% and this is expected to rise to 36% following the safety improvements as we will add monthly NRL22 matches and quarterly site-in days.  
  6. For several years now, the Board has been putting money into Reserves to fund the project. There is still a need for in-kind volunteer labor and we will notify members via the newsletter and website when there are opportunities to come out and help.      
  7. All major construction (e.g., concrete, framing, roofing) will be completed by licensed contractors selected by the Board via a competitive bid process. The Board recently approved a Procurement Policy and that document is located on the NCRGC website under the Documents tab.
  8. The safety improvements will make the range 100% compliant with NRA safety standards thus making it safer for all shooters. Safety standards have changed over the last 48 that the Club has been on the Weaver Ranch and these improvements are intended to address those changes.
  9. The Board is working with the NRA for possible solutions for long range targets and you will hear more about that in the future. For now, the planned safety improvements will focus on up to 200 yards only.
  10. The Weavers (landlord) are 100% supportive of the planned safety improvements. They personally toured the Rifle Range on several occasions and met with representatives from the Board. They value the long-standing partnership with the Club and we sincerely thank them for allowing us to proceed with the planned safety improvements.
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