Proposal to offer only Household memberships going forward

NCRGC Annual/Special Meeting

April 7, 2018 at 1 pm at River of Life Church

3161 County Rd 62E, Wellington CO 80549


Per the Bylaws of the Club, the Board of Directors is hereby notifying all members of a Special Meeting, the objectives of which are to:  1) Strengthen the long-term viability and legal defensibility of the Club by transitioning to Household memberships only and 2) Increase the number of guests.  The meeting will include a short presentation and discussion followed by a vote to change our Bylaws.  Proxy voting is not allowed so please attend in person.  Refreshments will be provided, and you will receive range cleanup credit if you attend this meeting.  For more information, please visit our website (    

Draft Bylaw Changes
NCRGC Bylaws 20180407 Draft v3.pdf
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The Board discussed the pros and cons of offering two types of membership at the Board meetings in January and February. The consensus was to offer only Household memberships going forward and solve the long-standing issues associated with this type of membership (i.e., definition, liability, insurance, guest waivers, etc.).


To make this change, the Board must schedule an Annual/Special Meeting so that members can see the proposed changes to the Bylaws and vote on them. The Annual/Special Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, April 7, 2018 at 1 pm at the River of Life Church (3161 County Rd 62E, Wellington, CO 80549).

Household Membership Definition

Problem: We currently offer two types of membership—Individual and Household. As defined in our Bylaws, an Individual membership is offered to a person 18 years of age or older and a Household membership is offered to both parents and any children under 18 years of age and residing in the parent’s home. The Head of Household is designated as the Member and all others of the household are listed as Associate members. Associate members are entitled to all the rights, privileges and responsibilities of membership except for the right to vote or hold an elected office. The current definition for Household membership requires us to define terms such as household, parent, spouse, etc. We are not a political organization or lobby group and thus should refrain as much as possible from the national debate on this issue. We still must define Household membership.


Solution: Pending a change to the Bylaws, the Club offers only one type of membership. A Household membership is offered to an adult 18 years of age or older who can legally possess a firearm, spouse as defined by Colorado law and any children under 18 years of age and residing in the parent’s home. The adult is designated as the Regular member and the spouse is designated as the Associate member. Associate members are entitled to all the rights, privileges and responsibilities of membership with the exception of the right to vote on matters concerning the Club or to hold an elected office. Youth under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent at all times while on NCRGC Range property. There is no discount for single memberships.


Problem: We have a significant liability issue with Household memberships under the current policy. As defined above, Associate members are entitled to all rights, privileges and responsibilities of membership yet we do not require them to attend orientation, complete a waiver, or acknowledge that they will follow the Range Safety Rules. Rather, we allow them to take the member’s badge and freely utilize all our ranges. We do require youth under the age of 18 to be accompanied by a parent while on the range but this can be a parent who has never agreed to anything or attended orientation. Additionally, utilizing someone else’s badge is never a good security practice.


Solution: Like Regular members, future Associate members will be required to attend orientation, complete a waiver and acknowledge that they will follow the Range Safety Rules. Individual badges will be issued to the Regular and Associate members who complete these actions. There will be no more sharing of badges. Children under 18 years of age must still be accompanied by a Regular or Associate member who has their own individual badge. Current Associate members will receive their own badge providing they complete a waiver and acknowledge that they will follow the Range Safety Rules. Attendance at orientation for current Associate members is highly encouraged but not mandatory.  


Problem: For many years now, we have been reporting only 800 members for insurance purposes. Half of our current members are Household memberships with additional spouses and children on their memberships that need to be covered by our insurance. It is estimated that we have approximately 1,500 total members.


Solution: We plan to increase our insurance from 800 members to 1,500 members and pay the higher premiums as the cost of doing business. We can adjust this number annually after membership renewal.

Larimer County Code Compliance 

Problem: The Larimer County non-conforming status that was established and documented in a Code Compliance File from 2006 indicates a maximum of 800 households for our Club.   


Solution: Offering Household memberships only going forward keeps us in full compliance with the County. We do not want to be out of compliance as that would trigger a special review of our entire operations.  

Revenue Neutral

Problem: Individual members currently pay $100 per year and Household members pay $125 per year.  We can’t afford to reduce revenue.


Solution: Since all memberships will be Household memberships going forward, they will all cost $125 per year. The added revenue will be used to cover the additional cost of insurance, badges, and contractor time to track all this information. Asking Individual members to pay $25 more for their memberships was not an easy decision for the Board; however, the entire effort improves the liability, defensibility, and survivability of the Club for future generations of shooters. Having everyone pay $125 also simplifies the accounting and auditing as everyone pays the same annual membership fee. As part of this effort, we researched the fees charged by gun Clubs in the Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming areas and found that $125 per year is the lowest and only two ranges currently charge that amount (our Club and the gun Club in Weld County).  

Number of Guests

Problem: We currently allow two guests per year.


Solution: Based on previous input from members, the Board is going to increase the number of guests. A Household membership will be authorized to bring twelve (12) guests per year with no more than two (2) guests per visit, per badged member. Regular and Associate members must accompany their guests. If only one Regular or Associate member with a badge are present, then only two (2) guests can be brought to the Club. If both the Regular and Associate members with badges are present, then four (4) guests can be brought at one time. The Regular or Associate member is responsible for ensuring that guest waivers are completed, range safety rules are followed, and guest badges are worn. Guest badges are non-transferrable and good only for one day. Subsequent visits require a new waiver and badge. Failure to follow this policy constitutes a major safety violation which may result in suspension or expulsion. 

Guest Waivers

Problem: Guests are not required to sign a waiver or agree to follow the Range Safety Rules. This is a huge liability issue for the Club.


Solution: The Board is going to require Regular and Associate members to have their guests’ complete waivers and wear guest badges. Mandatory guest waiver stations (e.g., kiosks) will be installed at the upper and lower ranges. The stations will have our Range Safety Rules, blank waivers, writing surface with pens, lock box for completed waivers, etc. Attached to the waiver will be a guest badge that you can peel off the back and place it on clothing where it can be seen. Failure to follow this new guest waiver policy is a serious safety violation that could result in suspension or expulsion from the Club. Random spot checks will be performed by any Board member, Assistant Range Master, Shooting Discipline Chairs, Range Safety Officers, etc. Additionally, members can also help with the spot checks as the Club belongs to all of us. 

Badge Numbers

As part of this proposal, the Membership Services Coordinator (MSC) has requested that we simplify the badge numbers.  We currently have a 10-digit number that starts with a “1” for Individual memberships or a “2” for Household memberships. That designation will go away with this proposal; therefore, the MSC is recommending that each Household membership be assigned a 5-digit unique number that will be the same for the Regular and Associate member under that membership.


The Board discussed the proposal at the Board meetings in January, February and March. A lot of volunteer time and effort went into coming up with solutions to fix these issues. An Annual/Special Meeting is required to amend our Bylaws and they may be held any time upon the call of the Board of Directors with proper notice (15 days) of the time, place, objective, etc. The Board plans to send a postcard to all members following the Board meeting on March 15. The postcard will announce the Annual/Special Meeting on April 7 and list this webpage for more information. Our Bylaws do not allow for voting by proxy. As we have said in the past, the members who attend the Annual/Special Meeting are the ones who will make the decision for the entire Club. If the vote passes, we plan to implement the changes starting with the July renewal.  

The Board welcomes comments and suggestions from the members. You can attend the Board meetings (see the Calendar) or use the contact form below.

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