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Northern Colorado Rod & Gun Club Newsletter
Brian Holder, President
The Board currently has a vacant At-Large position and per the Bylaws, the President can appoint someone, with the concurrence of the Board, until the next regular election of Directors, at which time an individual will be elected to complete the unexpired term of office. This means that you would only have to serve for one year if that is all that you want to volunteer. At-Large positions are excellent opportunities to get involved in things like supervising, controlling and directing the affairs of the Club, its committees and publications; determining its policies or changes therein; prosecuting its objectives; and supervising disbursement of its funds. Please email the Board ( by September 15, 2019 if you are interested in this one-year appointment. 
Board members and Range Safety Officers (RSOs) have noticed a few members not following the Range Safety Rules at the Rifle Range and some of these members were referred to the Disciplinary Committee for further action. We don’t want that to happen to you so please, follow all the Range Safety Rules, including: 
  • Wear your badge so that it is always visible while on the range. This means on your person and not in your range bag or car. Failure to wear your badge constitutes trespassing according to our lease.
  • You can shoot the numbered steel lane markers on all 20 lanes but your muzzle velocity on lanes 1 through 10 must be less than 3,000 feet per second (fps) or you will damage the steel. The standard AR-15 bullet travels at 3,251 fps so you should not shoot ARs on lanes 1 – 10. If you don’t know the fps of your ammo, please look on the box or research it on the Internet as it is your responsibility.
  • Shoot only in your designated lane (no cross shooting). The Rifle Range is like a bowling alley. If you are on lane 12 then you can only shoot on lane 12. 
  •  SAFE your firearm before going COLD. Remove magazine, empty cylinder, open action and leave facing up, point muzzle downrange, engage safety (if applicable) and bench firearm. Use a chamber flag. Make sure everyone knows when you are going COLD. Communicate!
  • When the range is COLD, do not touch firearm, magazine, etc. and stay behind the yellow ready line. This yellow ready line is painted on the concrete. When the range is COLD, you can go downrange to post targets, check your accuracy, etc. but when you return, move behind the yellow ready line. If you stay behind when others go downrange during a COLD range, stay behind the yellow ready line. 
  • NRL22 matches occur on the 4th Saturday of every month from 10 am – 1 pm with setup at 8 am and teardown at 2 pm. During this timeframe and per Board decision, members are restricted to lanes 16 – 20 and can only shoot 22LR on these lanes so that the safety of the match is not compromised. You must follow the Match Director’s hot/cold direction which normally occurs between stages.  
Steven Jessup
Steel Challenge Discipline Chair
Had a great Steel Challenge shoot Saturday, August 24th, 2019! 11 shooters started the match, 10 finished. (One drop due to optics battery failure... Remember to bring batteries if you use red dots!) 
We have another match Scheduled for September 28th - which may get cancelled due to elk season! I'll update the calendar when we are closer to that date, and I will try to find someone to run the match.
Spouse Badges Last 5 Days to Renew
Gary Caldwell, Secretary
Spouse badges will be mailed out in the first week of September to all
Spouses that:
  1. Were badged last year, after completing the Safety Orientation
  2. Included on the member's waiver this year, as a Spouse and
  3. Have completed their own Spouse Waiver this year
If your spouse would like to have a badge this year and they are listed on your waiver, they will need to attend a Safety Orientation (see below) and fill out a Waiver before November 1, 2019. Waiver information will be distributed at the Safety Orientations.
All New Members and any Spouse who would like to have a badge must attend a Safety Orientation at the Range.
These will be held at 1:00 PM on:
  • Saturday, Sept. 7, 2019
  • Sunday, Sept. 22, 2019
  • Saturday, Oct. 5, 2019
There are NO make up dates for these orientations
Greetings NCRGC Members and Families;
Please join me in thanking Members for their renewal, and welcome New Members to the NCRGC!
We are all coming into an exciting era at the Club. The Pistol, Archery and Tactical Bays were completed have been NRA compliant for a couple years now. The Rifle Range is very close today and getting closer every week. To those who did not see the Range before the project you may rest assured, there has been a dramatic change!
Our Range Safety Officers, the Renewal Page and the Range Safety Orientations coming up will clearly delineate Range Safety roles and Responsibilities. Please be aware, the Range Safety is YOUR responsibility. Everyone has the authority to call a cease fire due to unsafe Range presence and the Board will support efforts everyone makes to make our Club as safe as we can.
There are some housekeeping items I would like to discuss and refresh everyone with:
  • The Entrance lock is Red. We have covered it with Red Tape because our Landlord and their Staff also use a lock on the same gate. The locks are "Daisy Chained" so that any user can unlock their lock without interference from any other lock. Please enter only our combination on the Red Lock. After entry, scramble the code so that it is not discernible by others.
  • The New Gate Code goes into effect SEPTEMBER 1, 2019. Please keep and use your current Badge until Sept 1. Badges MUST be worn at all times while on the Property.
  • The New Badge you received has the gate and Member Shed Codes printed on them, these codes are not effective until 10/1/19.
  • All Members are requested to attend a minimum of one Range Cleanup Event every year. This is not a mandatory requirement, but it does eliminate a $$$ assessment at renewal time. RCU Events are a great way to meet folks and usually an enjoyable time including a BBQ and you could win an NCRGC Hat!
  • Range Safety Rules are strictly enforced. More importantly is a professional attitude. As long as we are all cheery and receptive, usually mistakes are simply an opportunity for learning and will be treated as such.
  • Range Clean Up Events are the First Saturday of every Month from 10 a.m. until noon. The Ranges are closed at 0800 for set up and reopen as close to 1 p.m. as possible. RCU Events may move depending on Holidays and/or a scheduled event.
This month Range Clean Up is September 7, at 10 a.m. until noon with the Ranges closed at 0800 until 1300. We will have the usual scheduled events:
  1. Clean and tidy the Shotgun fields.
  2. Clean Rifle, Pistol and Tactical Bays.
  3. Weed mowing and trimming.Painting, staining and tarring of wood finishes in preparation for winter.
  4. We have some light construction and repair needed on some areas;.
  5. Rifle Range Improvements are still underway, there are plenty of tasks yet available.
  6. Please see the Range Master (look for my straw Stetson!) to sign in and get assigned to a project. PLEASE REMEMBER TO WEAR YOUR BADGE, sign up is by Member Number and ID. This helps a great deal for attendance accounting. Remember, it is your responsibility to sign in. We cannot be asked to remember everyone.
  7. Dress for success: Gloves, hats, boots, sunscreen, painting clothes and cordless power tools are a great help. 
We will BBQ something for Lunch and share stories at noon. All are welcome and appreciated, come up and be a part of all the great things our club represents.
See you at the Range!
Russ Hickman
Our website has Classified Ads! The classified ads section is a free service for current members. Ads are posted for 120 days and then removed under the following categories:
  • Firearms
  • Ammunition & Accessories
  • Instruction
  • Services
Check it out here
Safety reminders:
  • Use of this Club is restricted to members and escorted guests, except for participation in events open to the general public.
  • Keep the gate locked upon entry and exit, except when a sign is posted for public events.
  • Wear your ID badge so that it is visible at all times.
Visit the Club's Safety webpage for more information.
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Fort Collins CO 80528
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