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New Gate Combo - September 1, 2018

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President's Corner

Brian Holder, President and CRSO


Benjamin Disraeli coined the phrase, "change is inevitable, change is constant." Who would have ever thought that you can now where fluorescent pink as an alternative hunter safety color to fluorescent orange? If you've been a member of the Club for any length of time, you know that lots of things have changed. From our range safety rules to our range layouts to how we conduct membership renewal, the Club continues to evolve for the better. These changes take a lot of work on the part of our volunteers and contractors and I want to thank everyone for continuing to make the Club a better and safer place to shoot. The Club benefits greatly from the volunteers who are willing to donate their time, talent and treasure and nowhere is this more evident than with the Board of Directors and our Shooting Discipline Chairs. Without these volunteers, our Club wouldn't exist so thank you for everything that you have done for the Club and what you plan to do in the future. To better focus some of our future changes, we scheduled a Board retreat in September and will provide updates to the membership in the months to come. Finally, I especially want to thank the 679 members who renewed their membership this year. Thank you for coming to range cleanups, for picking up your brass and for making the range a fun, safe and enjoyable place. Now lets get ready to welcome the 121 new members later this month!





Guest Waiver Stations


As of September 1, the guest waiver stations are now fully operational, and they are located at the entrance to the Rifle Range and at the entrance to the lower ranges near the Archery Range. These stations contain blank waivers and badges, pens, mail slot for completed waivers, range safety rules and other important information. The Board is very serious about the signs that say, “Badges Required Beyond This Point.” If you don’t have a badge as a regular or associate member, you MUST stop at the station, complete a waiver and then visibly wear a yellow guest badge. The only exception is the children on a household membership application who are with a badged regular or associate member. There are no electronic waivers, only paper waivers at the stations. The regular or associate member is responsible for ensuring that guest waivers are completed, range safety rules are followed, and guest badges are worn. Guest badges are non-transferable and good only for one day. Subsequent visits require a new waiver and badge. Failure to follow the guest policy constitutes a serious safety violation which may result in suspension or expulsion.  







Annual Rimfire Carnival

Bryon Fessler, Rimfire Challenge Chair


The 3rd Annual Rimfire Carnival was a huge success thanks to the 35 shooters, 10 Range Safety Officers, 100 hotdogs, 60 giveaway items (including 2 firearms) and a beautiful sunny day! The youth shooters summed it well for those of you who missed out: “Best event ever,” “OMG this is cool” and “Do it every month!” The carnival is now the largest annual event sponsored by the Club.


Click here to see the photos courtesy of Ben Price. Special thanks to all of the RSOs! #letsgoshooting







National Preparedness Month


Each September, National Preparedness Month reminds Larimer County residents to be prepared for disasters or emergencies in their homes, businesses, and communities. The Larimer County Office of Emergency Management encourages you to learn more about Larimer ConnectsResilient Larimer, and LETA 911 and how these programs and tools can help you and your families remain safe in the event of an emergency.







Spouse Badges


The Board of Directors encourages spouses of Regular members to apply for their own badge. Doing so will allow you to come to the range without the Regular member, bring children that are part of the household membership, bring up to 2 guests per visit, etc. Badges are issued to Regular and Associate members who complete an application. Badges are non-transferable and must not be shared. If you do not obtain your own badge, then you must be accompanied by the Regular member and you are required to complete a guest waiver and wear a guest badge every time you visit the range. Spouses do not count against the maximum 12 guests per year. Federal law prohibits an adult from signing a waiver for another adult. That is why you have to complete your own application if you want your own badge. We prefer to issue badges to spouses and have the resources to do that but it is completely up to you and the Regular member. The Board grandfathered the spouses of current members from having to attend a safety orientation to receive their badge. This may change in the future so if your spouse wants their own badge, they should complete the badge application as soon as possible. The spouses of new members are required to attend a safety orientation to receive a badge. Click here to complete the badge application.





Lets Break Some Clays!

Jason Elliott, Shotgun Chair


First of all, welcome new members to NCRGC, orientation is right around the corner and I look forward to meeting you all. August was a busy and exciting month for the Skeet and Trap discipline at NCRGC. The club purchased 4 brand-new 20-gauge shotguns (2 adult and 2 youth size) as loaner guns for members to try at the Skeet and Trap event every 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month. Anyone who has ever wanted to try shooting Trap or Skeet is welcome to borrow one of the new guns and we even provide the ammunition!


I’m also pleased to announce that NCRGC is now a member of the National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA) and I am currently working on getting the club affiliated with the Amateur Trap Association (ATA). I invite you all to come and break some clays, we have a lot of fun and are always looking for new competition and as always, I love teaching beginners Trap and/or Skeet shooting so don’t be shy!







Range Cleanup

Russ Hickman, Range Master


Greetings all! Welcome to September! Hunting seasons are ramping up, the weather will soon start to cool, and we have new Members at the Club! Please welcome our new members with grace and help them to get used to our safety guidelines and procedures. We all need a little reminder occasionally and please remember, it is all of you who help us maintain and enforce all of our Safety Policies! Please remember to always wear your Badge especially because the new gate combinations are printed on them. The gate codes will be changed at sunset August 31 to the new code, please use the “old code” until then. IF you do not have a badge you will need to stop at the Kiosk and fill out a waiver form and wear the stick-on badge. It has been a busy summer at the Range. The Safety Waiver Kiosks are completed and “go live” September 1. The Roofing Project will be complete shortly. The shed arrangements are going to be amended, we will move out the old trailers for safety reasons and move in more suitable storage for steel etc.


We still have the minimum one Range Cleanup mandate per Membership number. Range Cleanup is generally a lot of fun and usually the first Saturday of the month. Due to the Holiday, we have moved it back one week. Camaraderie with fellow Members, making the Range clean and presentable to our Landlords, Members and Guests is our main agenda for Range Clean events. We always spiffy the place up and have refreshments, usually there is a BBQ lunch, weather permitting!


For the September 8 Range Cleanup, starting at 10 a.m. and ending at noon, we will have some “general maintenance” items on the agenda. Please dress for painting and maintenance work. Gloves and hats, eye and hearing protection, sunscreen and bug spray are always a plus and remember good shoes! We do have a snake or two that inhabit our Range so please be mindful of where you step, reach and jump.

We will need volunteers to:


  • Clean brass from all shooting areas
  • Repair Rifle and Pistol Target stands
  • Please wear painting clothes and volunteer to paint trim on sheds
  • Clean Shotgun area
  • Finish tarring the top of the walls between Pistol Bays (Dress in old clothes!)
  • Check and tighten fencing as needed
  • Adjust gates as needed
  • Mowing and trimming as usual
  • Paint tools in RM Shed
  • Other tasks as resources are available


Thank you all for all you do, it is because of you all our Range is as exceptional as it is!







Tactical Rifle Class

Brian Holder, President and CRSO


Tactical rifle class with Nevin Seeger, NRA certified pistol and rifle instructor, RSO, and certified Police Rifle Instructor. Saturday 10/20/2018 at NCRGC from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Reduced rate of $100 for members, $125 for non-members. Includes reminder of safety rules and basics, refresher on the law, administrative loading and unloading, use of a rifle sling, basic marksmanship, ready positions, movement, shooting from cover, reloads, engaging multiple threats, and malfunction clearance. We will cover lots of things you may not have covered in a basic NRA rifle class. You should have familiarity with your rifle before the class. Nevin is also available to schedule and teach a basic one-hour rifle class on request if you are not familiar with your rifle. He can loan up to two AR rifles for $20 for the class. Contact Nevin Seeger at or call (303) 807-3363.





National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA)


The Club recently affiliated with the National Skeet Shooting Association. NSSA is dedicated to the development of the sport at all levels of participation and vows to create an atmosphere of healthy competition and meaningful fellowship within its membership. Shooters who want to compete can enter fun shoots and skeet shooting tournaments.  





Defensive Pistol Matches

Dave Ward, Defensive Pistol Chair


Let me take a few moments to introduce myself. My name is Dave Ward. I volunteered to fill the Defensive Pistol chair. Like many of our great members, I've been around firearms pretty much my whole life. I started at the range punching paper at a young age then moved on to hunting the mountains of Montana. I spent a little time as a Reserve Deputy in the local sheriff's office here in Colorado. That is when I got my first taste of tactical firearms training. I was hooked! I've been a member of our fine club for many years and when I heard about the opening I volunteered. We'll be starting the Defensive Pistol program back up in November with the 17th being my first match. Hopefully, I'll be bringing some good ideas on scenarios. If anyone has a suggestion on the course layouts, I'm all ears. Thanks and I look forward to seeing everyone at the matches!!







Safety Reminders:

  • Use of this Club is restricted to members and escorted guests, except for participation in events open to the general public.
  • Keep the gate locked upon entry and exit, except when a sign is posted for public events.
  • Wear your ID badge so that it is visible at all times.





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