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Important Notice from the NCRGC Board: 

The Board of Directors discussed the pros and cons of offering two types of membership at the Board meetings in January and February. The consensus was to offer only Household memberships going forward and solve the long-standing problems associated with this type of membership (i.e., definition, liability, insurance, guest waivers, etc.). To make this change, the Board scheduled a Special meeting so that members can see the proposed changes to the Bylaws and vote on them. The Special meeting is scheduled for Saturday, April 7, 2018 at 1 pm at the River of Life Church (3161 County Road 62E, Wellington CO 80549). Members will receive a letter in the mail with more details following the March Board Meeting.

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March's Feature!



Greetings NCRGC Members!

Colorado winter has been an adventure once again. March will usher in Spring and cabin fever will melt away as does the snow off of the mountains. With all the new beginnings and Spring cleaning to-do lists don't overlook this important information from CPW!

Starting in 2018, all resident and nonresident applications for all big game (including bighorn sheep, goat and moose) and turkey will only be accepted online at, or by phone: 1-800-244-5613

To ensure a smooth application process CPW is encouraging all hunters to get into the new system early and review your information before applying for the draw.

  • Existing hunters MUST LOOK UP their previous CPW account and set up their profile in the new purchasing system BEFORE APPLYING for a license online starting March 1st.
  • Confirm your Driver's License information. If your license was issued or renewed within the past 6 months, you will need to confirm your residency at a CPW office or via email to our hunt planning team.
  • Applications open March 1 and close on April 3. Don't wait until the last minute to log into the system to ensure access and confirm your personal and preference point information.   

Please see the Big Game hunting page for additional resources and details.

If you have issues there is a contact line for help, 

CUSTOMER SERVICE HELP 24/7  License, state park pass, camping reservation and account set-up customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 




Every hunter, including youth, will need both existing a unique email address and password to apply and/or purchase online. Reserve America and Colorado camping customers can use their existing email to pull up their CPW record.
■ New CPW customers will need to create a new account, entering their contact and  identification information the first time they use the system.

Families or hunting groups currently using the same email address will need to establish unique emails for each hunter, unless applying by phone.


■ Hunters will not have to pay for their license(s) at the time of application, and will only be be charged $3 per application and a one-time $10 Habitat Stamp fee (if applicable).

■ If a hunter draws a license, the credit card on file in their account will automatically be charged for the license drawn. If there is a problem with the payment, the hunter must clear up the payment issue before the new payment deadline (listed in brochures).

■ If a hunter is awarded a preference point, the credit card on file may be charged if the hunter did not have an annual license or big game license with Colorado the previous year.

■ If a hunter is succesful in the draw and does not pay for their license by the payment deadline, the license is surrendered, and they lose both the license and the preference points used to draw it. 

Please review this and other helpful information in the 2018 CPW Brochures, it only takes a few minutes to create your account and it will save you in the end. Happy hunting!


Russ Hickman







For several years now, the Board has been planning and putting money into reserves to renovate the Rifle Range and bring it up to NRA safety standards.  New members may not realize the significant amount of volunteer time and effort that has gone into this project so this article is intended to give you an overview of what is planned.  The Board-approved design promotes safe and efficient operations and includes provisions for ease of maintenance (e.g., concrete pads, metal roofs).  The topography significantly impacts what we can do on the Rifle Range and we will continue to fire into the upward sloping land using the natural backstop of the hill.  

The project is planned for two phases.  Phase 1 includes 10 covered stations for 100 yards with options for target placement at 25-yard intervals.  It also includes controlled access (barbwire fence), improved backstop (to some degree as we don't have enough dirt), concrete shooting stations, new target frames (like the Pistol Range), painted firing and ready lines, spectator area, gun racks, signs, storage, etc.  

Phase 2 includes 10 covered stations for 100 to 200 yards with options for target placement at 25-yard intervals.  Anything over 200 yards is a challenge due to line of sight and significant elevation changes.  The Board is committed to placing gongs at 300 yards if they can be made safe.  The gongs at 400 and 500 yards will be removed for safety reasons as they require members to raise their muzzles too high and risk overshooting the hogback with Highway 287 on the other side.  At best, we have a 200-yard Rifle Range given the topography and that is a significant planning constraint that can't be wished away.  We are currently waiting on approval from our landlord to proceed.  Once approved, we will schedule contractors to do the majority of the work.  There will obviously need to be some range closures, which will be announced via the newsletter and website.  

Questions should be sent to the Board at


Bryon Fessler, Treasurer/Project Lead





Save $100!

Renewal is just around the corner in just 4 short months so if you haven't made it to one of our monthly RANGE CLEANUPS, then now's your chance to save big! Simply come out to the Range on the first Saturday of the month, sign in, have some fun and you just saved yourself $100! (That's what you'll be charged if you don't make it out before Renewal)  So check the list and make sure your name is on it before time runs out! 

This coupon may not be doubled, but everytime you come out you earn another ticket for the raffle give aways at the Annual Meeting so there's really nothing to lose - see you on the Range!

Offer Good for anyone not already on the list: March 3rd, April 7th, May 5th and June 2


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