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Northern Colorado Rod & Gun Club Newsletter
NRL22 matches occur on the 4th Saturday of every month at the Rifle Range from 10 am - 1 pm with setup at 8 am and tear down at 2 pm. During this time frame and per Board decision, members are restricted to lanes 16-20 and can only shoot 22LR on these lanes so that the safety of the match is not compromised. You must follow the Match Director's hot/cold direction which normally occurs between stages.
Disciplinary Committee
Most of our members routinely follow the Bylaws and Range Safety Rules of the Club. In some cases, polite reminders are needed (e.g., wear your badge, observe the rules for the yellow ready line). In rare cases, charges against a member are brought by another member of the Club and the Disciplinary Committee must then follow the procedures that are outlined in our Bylaws. Here is a summary of those procedures. The charges must be made in writing, with supporting documents if any and submitted to the attention of the Vice President ( Upon receipt of the charges, the VP will schedule a hearing with the Disciplinary Committee within 15 days. The VP must notify the member of the hearing at which time the member can confront his/her accusers, examine witnesses and present evidence bearing on the charges. At the completion of the hearing, the Disciplinary Committee will either affirm or reject the charges. If the charges are affirmed, the VP will add the case to the agenda for the next meeting of the Board of Directors. After briefing the Board on the charges, the Board may suspend or expel the member or impose some lessor penalty. Any member expelled by the Board may appeal to the full membership of the Club. These procedures provide the Board and the member with a fair and consistent way of dealing with violations that could jeopardize the safety and longevity of the Club. Remember, mutual respect is the way to deal with violations that can be easily corrected on the spot. Thank you for doing your part to make our Club a safe place to shoot. 
Greetings NCRGC Members!
November 2 is the date for our next scheduled Range Cleanup Event. The scheduled Range Cleanup time is from 10:00 AM-Noon,
with all Ranges closed from 7:00 AM until 2:00 PM
There are always more projects under consideration than we have allowable time, but we press forward. Thank you for all that you do to keep our Ranges looking nice and presentable, I appreciate your efforts.
For this month we have plenty of Tasks slated. Some of these are, but not limited to:
  • Install PVC Target Holders at Rifle Range. ***This project will start at 0800, come early if you can. It will probably run late, this is the reason for the Range Closure extension.
  • Tar the walls and Tops of Pistol and Tactical Bays.
  • Winterize Landscaping Equipment.
  • Clean all Shooting Areas.
  • Pick up Brass.
  • Empty Trash Containers. 
  • Check all fencing, including electric fences.
  • Clean sheds and Teaching areas.
  • Seal concrete at Rifle Range, weather permitting.
These are a few of our scheduled requested Tasks and we can add or prioritize them as resources are available. Please dress for success, hats and gloves, boots, safety glasses, sunscreen and clothes that
can get a bit dirty... You never know what we will do until we get there.
Thanks everyone! Come on up to the RCU for Range Clean credit, and some food. I will watch the weather and choose our refreshments accordingly!
See you at the Range!
Russ Hickman
 Chair: Steve Jessup
We had 10 shooters for the Steel Challenge match of Oct 26, 2019. It was a fantastic day to be at the range, warm and mild! 
There was also one other person who shot a few of the stages, just to try it out without the pressure of being an official part of the match. It all came together for them, and I think they'll be back! (Know someone who'd like to try the SC? Drop me a line and let's set it up!) 
All scores are posted on Practiscore: 
The photos are by Ben Price! Shots from both a 9mm and a .22 pistol. Can you tell which is which?
Match Director: Bryon Fessler
NRL22 October Match Results
We are excited to have completed Erik Severson’s “spooky” NRL22 October course of fire. 20 shooters participated in challenging stages involving a “terror” tank trap, 55-gallon “boo” barrel, and 5-gallon bucket of “gore.” In keeping with the Halloween theme, we added a fun eyeball shoot from the top of a pumpkin. Congratulations to Nick Merz for winning the Open class, Patrick Schoneck for the Base class, Denise “Indy” Jackson for the Ladies class and Landon Walker for the Young Guns. Special thanks to squad leaders Justin, Jeff, Pat and Doug and everyone who showed up early to help setup. Hope to see everyone next month (4th Saturday). Photos and scores are on the NCRGC website. #nrl22 #ncrgc #letsgoshooting  
NRL22 Update
The NRL22 September course of fire was a blast for our 17 shooters. The barricades included a ladder, 55-gallon drum, 5- and 2-gallon buckets and a cinder block (which we had to touch multiple times). Participants also got to shoot two additional stages – competitive eight ball and KYL at 150 yards. Congratulations to Jose Gardner for winning the Open class, Kevin Williams for the Base class and Kourtney Gardner for the Ladies class. Special thanks to squad leaders Pat, Jeff and Kevin and everyone who showed up early to help setup. Hope to see everyone next month (4th Saturday). Photos and scores are on the website.   
Safety reminders:
  • Know how to use the gun safely.
  • Use only the correct ammunition for your gun.
  • Wear eye and ear protection. Yell out “CEASE FIRE” if you see an unsafe condition.
Visit the Club's Safety webpage for more information.
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Fort Collins CO 80528
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