Instructor Program

Members who are in good standing, who are also firearms instructors, may apply for the Instructor Membership program which would allow them to bring students to the range, providing they agree to strict conditions for doing so. There is an added fee for this type of membership as well as other eligibility and conduct requirements.



  • Be an NCRGC member in good standing, and have been a member of NCRGC for at least one year with no disciplinary or range safety rules violation infractions.
  • Have a current firearms instructor certification for the shooting discipline(s) being taught.
  • Complete the NRA Range Safety Officer course by home validation (NRA Firearms Instructors) or by attending the RSO course conducted by the NCRGC Chief Range Safety Officer.
  • Possess current professional liability insurance which specifically covers firearms instructional activities (a personal umbrella policy usually will not cover this).


Conduct Requirements

  • Know and enforce the NCRGC Range Safety Rules (Attachment 1) (i.e., we operate a cold range, no gun handling during a cease fire, everyone must wear eye and hearing protection, pick up spent casings, were ID badge, etc.).
  • Schedule and obtain prior approval from the NCRGC Chief Range Safety Officer of the date/time when students would be present on the range.
  • Ensure the safety of the range by having each student sign the NCRGC Instructor Waiver and submit a copy to the NCRGC Chief Range Safety Officer within 10 days of completing activity.
  • If teaching on the pistol range, take up no more than one bench for student activities and if teaching on the rifle range, take up no more than two benches for student activities.
  • Agree to teach at least one course annually for NCRGC members only, in any shooting discipline, and at a reduced rate to allow for coverage of student materials expenses. Class size should be similar to that which is normally provided by the instructor. The member course must be offered within eight months after becoming an Instructor Member.


Application Procedures


Interested members should mail the following documentation to the NCRGC Chief Range Safety Officer:

  • Cover letter (and attachments) requesting membership into the NCRGC Instructor Membership program. The cover letter should denote how long you have been a member of the NCRGC, how long you have been a firearms instructor, the specific firearms classes that you plan to teach on NCRGC range property, your contact information (address, email, telephone), etc.
  • Attachment 1 - Copy of instructor professional liability insurance declaration page.
  • Attachment 2 - Copy of instructor certification credential(s) that show the course(s) for which you are certified to teach and the expiration date(s) of certification.
  • Attachment 3 - Check made out to NCRGC in the amount of $150*. This is an annual fee and it is subject to change. Please write "Instructor Membership Program" in the memo field.

Mail your cover letter and all attachments to the following address:

Northern Colorado Rod and Gun Club
Attention: Chief Range Safety Officer
PO Box 1298
Fort Collins CO 80522

The NCRGC Chief Range Safety Officer will review your application and contact you to schedule a brief interview.

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