First Shots seminars are the perfect opportunity for members to invite new shooters to come to the range for some FREE safety instruction and supervised shooting. Invite your co-workers, neighbors, friends, relatives and anyone who wants a safety refresher to a First Shots seminar. The seminars are open to the public. All firearms, ammunition, targets, eye/ear protection, etc. are provided free of charge. Youth shooters must be at least 9 years old. Reservations are required so please email to sign up for one of these seminars.

*** NCRGC receives $2,500 grant from NSSF ***

That's right, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) graciously awarded $2,500 to the Club for the First Shots program. The Club has partnered with NSSF for many years now and we have provided First Shots seminars to over 500 students. Thank you so much NSSF for everything that you do for the shooting sports. 

First Shots

When it comes to learning about shooting and firearms ownership, not knowing how or where to start can be an intimidating hurdle.  Since its beginning in 2005, the First Shots program has provided:


An educational introduction to the safe and recreational use of firearms




A clear understanding of the local requirements for owning and purchasing a firearm 


A chance to give shooting a try with un-intimidating .22lr guns and ammunition provided by the host range

Whether you're an experienced or new shooter, you'll find more than 100 videos on everything from how to sight in a rifle to techniques on how to become a better handgun shooter on NSSF's YouTube channel


The NSSF website also contains Rules of Firearm Safety and free printable targets. Click here for more resources for new shooters.    

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