Name: Ben Price, AdSortium Media

Phone: (970) 631-8810

E-mail address:

Brief Description: Ever wanted to see the atmospheric distortion caused by a bullet traveling at over 3,000 feet per second through the air?  Or, to analyze the action of a firearm for precision adjustments?  I can do that.  And, yeah, it's as cool as it sounds.

I offer extraordinarily high-frame-rate video capture at speeds exceeding 20,000 frames per second.  This allows for an extreme, slow motion look at your firearm’s general operation, any repeatable failures, and/or a platform's unique ballistic characteristics.

Visit <> for more information and to see samples.

Standard Rate = $200/hr. or $1500/day
Discounted NCRGC Member Rate = $100/hr. or $750/day
Hourly rate has a minimum 2 hour charge.
Mileage may be charged for filming at locations other than the NCRGC range.

Trophy Room Designs, Jim Perry - 970-556-0327


E-mail address:


I offer tanning of big game hides and some livestock hides. Please call for prices and more information.

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