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Name:  Brian Galloway


E-mail address:


Brief Description:  Holosun HS507K X2 pistol sight for sale. Fits Shield RMSc/RMS/RMSw/SMS and Sig Romeo Zero Optic footprints. 2 MOA dot or 2 MOA dot with 32 MOA circle options, parallax free, shake-awake technology, 12 brightness settings. 

Slightly used. For sale $145 (half retail price).



Name:  Ray


E-mail address:


Brief Description:

  • Plano Gun Guard locking case $10
  • Alien Gear IWB holster for Walther CCP $15
  • HKS Speedloader Model 586-A for 38 Special/357 Magnum (New in original packaging) $10
  • Walther 380 magazine 7 rounds $15
  • Ruger LC9 magazines 7 rounds $15 each
  • Mossberg Model S330 Receiver Peep Sight $20

Name:  Chris Bearly


Phone:  970-217-5962


E-mail address:


Brief Description:


  • Reloading Primers & Powders
  • Primers: Large Rifle & Large Pistol Magnum from CCI, Winchester, Federal and Lellier & Bellot. 
  • Primer Price $5 per 100.
  • Powders:  All powders are in 1lb containers.
  • IRM 4350 – 8lbs available @ $30 per lb.
  • IRM 4895 – 4lbs available @ $30 per lb.
  • IRM 4227 – 2lbs available @ $30 per lb.
  • Hodgdon H1000 – 1lb @ $30.
  • Hodgdon H110 – 1lb @ $25.
  • Hodgdon H414 – 1lb @ $25.
  • Hodgdon H322 – 7lbs available @ $30 per lb.
  • Alliant Red Dot – 2lbs available @ $25 per lb.

Name:  Richard Edmondson


Phone:  970-556-4794


E-mail address:


Brief Description:  Wanted to buy a used single stage reloading press.  Also looking for powder measurer and stand and a balance beam scale.  No Lee's. Send me a picture and what you want.  I have some reloading components to trade.  

Name:  Jim Jackson


Phone: 970-222-8638


E-mail address:


Brief Description:  Bullseye powder, black powder,accurate no 2, ball 231,norma,Norma 200, reloaded 10x, pb, 8 box's of reloaded 28 GA and 30 of 20 guage

Name:  Jon Freck


Phone:  970-481-4056


E-mail address:


Brief Description: 

  • box of 308 WIN. 165 grain Federal Premium trophy bonded bear claw bullets. $20
  • 12 gauge 1 5/8 oz shot 4 shot copper plated 2 3/4" Turkey Load box of 10 $10 OBO.
  • I have lots of old 12 gauge 2 3/4" shells you can have for trap shooting they are all yours for $5

Name:  Robert Bork


Phone:  970-203-4366


E-mail address:


Brief Description:  Wilson Combat Extended Slide Stop for 1911 .45

Slide stop (manufacturer part #7B) is in the original package and has not been used.  Blued finish.  $30

Name:  Hugh Huntsman


Phone:  303-945-5511


E-mail address:


Brief Description:  Vortex Razor Red Dot 6 MOA used very little due to the fact that I am color blind and had to replace it with a green dot.  $275.00

Name: Larry Gillis

Phone: 970 224-4652

E-mail address:

Brief Description: 350 rounds of Remington 22 W.R.F. ammo.  Note - this is not 22LR - it is special made for a Winchester Rim Fire weapon and the round is longer than 22LR and will NOT chamber in a standard 22 weapon

Name:  Scott Werner


Phone:  970-568-2264


E-mail address:

Brief Description:  Hodgdon H380 Rifle Powder, 8 pounds.  $200

Name:  Lee O'Brien


E-mail address:

Brief Description:  I have 2 boxes (50ct) of Nosler 7mm, 140gr Expansion Tip (E-Tip) copper bullets for sale. New, same lot, one box opened, one sealed. Sell for what I paid: $65 each

Name:  Glenn Dalton


Phone:  970-492-5038


E-mail address:

Brief Description:  Brass

Name:  Felix Rojas


Phone:  720-340-9019


E-mail address:


Brief Description:  Norma 7x57 Mauser used brass for reloading. 20 cases.  Price $10

Name:  Phil Anderson


Phone:  970-492-5199


E-mail address:


Brief Description:  54 rounds of M2 AP Ammo made for the M 1 rifle. There are 30 loose rounds Head stamped L S 53 and 24 rounds in M I clips Head stamped T W 53. Asking 20.00

Name:  Zachary Vestal


Phone: 303-638-3183


E-mail address:


Brief Description:  Scope and several sets of rings for sale:


Steiner GS3 2-10x42 scope for sale. $500 OBO. About 50 rounds fired, hunted one season, always covered. Perfect condition, built like a tank, incredible light transmission. S-1 reticle. 30mm tube. See here for full description:


Steiner H-Series lightweight rings. $50 OBO. 30mm/High. Mounted once, discovered they were too high, removed and re boxed.

Warne Mountain Tech rings. $50 OBO. 30mm/Medium height. New in package.


Leupold Backcountry Cross-Slot rings. $50 OBO. 1" low. New in package

Name:  Kevin


Phone: 970-980-7188


E-mail address:


Brief Description:  I have 690 rounds of mixed 7.62x51mm ammo. It is all Berdan primed. There's South African, Malaysian, and about 3 boxes worth (20/box) that is unknown to me.  I am looking for a buyer interested in a per-round price of 68¢. Anyone? Pictures available upon request.

Name:  Byron McGough


Phone:  970-493-2244


E-mail address:


Brief Description:  For Sale - Best Offer!  25-06 RCBS Dies, 53 ea. 117 Gr. Cartridges, 277 ea. brass cases 270 RCBS Dies, 161 ea. 130 Gr. Cartridges, 126 ea. 130-150 Gr Bullets, 324 brass cases

Name:  Kristian Colson


Phone:  970-744-0656


E-mail address:


Brief Description:  Genuine Pelican 1720 Long gun case in very good condition. Uncut foam inserts included. 42x13.5x5.3  These are $250+ new
I will take $160 or I would consider trades.

Steel cased 9mm
Bird Shot
Steel cased 762x39
Steel cased 223
Range finder
CZ75 magazines
AR15 bolt 
Feel free to offer
Thank you for looking :)

Name:  Keith Gallie

E-mail address:


Brief Description:  Hornady Lock-N-Load A.P Loader and set of 38 Special dies. All about 10 years old (?) but all unused. Includes a lot of used brass.


Name:  Gerald Bragg


Phone:  970-566-5607


E-mail address:

Brief Description:  Large Bore Brass & Bullets For Sale BULLETS:  Barnes 8mm , Barnes 338 Lapua, Barnes & Hornady .416, Barnes 505 Gibbs NEW BRASS:  Remington 30-06, Nosler 375 H-H Mag, Nosler 338 Win Mag, ONCE FIRED BRASS: Federal 30-06, Mag Tech 454 Casull, Hornady 500 S/W, Misc. 505 Gibbs, Federal 375H-H Mag., Federal 416 Rigby   Call or e-mail for more info.


Name:  Robert Jackson


E-mail address:

Brief Description:  I have a very large number of Lake City .223 brass as well as a large number of 9mm and .40 caliber brass available. Make offer. I live in Loveland.

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