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Name:  Lee O'Brien


E-mail address:

Brief Description:  I have 2 boxes (50ct) of Nosler 7mm, 140gr Expansion Tip (E-Tip) copper bullets for sale. New, same lot, one box opened, one sealed. Sell for what I paid: $65 each

Name:  Scott Werner


E-mail address:


Brief Description:NEW 6.5 x 284 Lapua brass (1,000 pieces), SAME LOT; $1250.  1,000 pieces of new Lapua 6.5 x 284 brass (unprimed, never fired). These ten boxes (100 pieces each) are each from the same lot number (ideal for reloading).  Nine boxes unopened (factory-sealed boxes), one box opened to take attached pictures.

Name:  Scott Werner


E-mail address:


Brief Description:  NICE Remington 700 standard Long Action; $500.
Rem 700 Long Action (for all standard long action calibers; 0.470” bolt face). Vintage action from 1980s with darkest bluing and smoothest raceway travel among all production years (pre-Integrated Security System, or J-Lock on bolt). This action is complete with trigger guard, three bolts for trigger guard, trigger, magazine components, and recoil lug (all original to this action). Matching bolt (same serial number) and clean bolt face.

Name:  Glenn Dalton


Phone:  970-492-5038


E-mail address:

Brief Description:  Brass

Name:  Norm Stiefel


E-mail address:


Brief Description:  Ammunition To TRADE for quality .22 LR CCI Mini Mag etc.

  • Federal XM 193F 5.56 M193 Ball .55 grain139 Rounds
  • American Eagle .223 Rem .55 grain 114 Rounds
  • Fiocchi .223 Remington .55 grain FMJ 97 rounds
  • BLACK HILLS .223 Remington .55 Grain 93 Rounds
  • Hornady .45 Auto + P 230 Grain Tap FPD 2 box of 20 ea
  • Pmc Bronze .308 Winchester (7.62 Nato) 147 Grain 1 box 20
  • CCI 44 Spl/44 Mag Shotshell #9 1 Bx of 10
  • CCI 38 Spl/357 Mag Shotshell #4 2 Bx of 10
  • 7.62 X 51 Ball M 80 147 Grain Portuguese Surplus Head stamp IK 07 Red Primer seal 177 rounds
  • Winchester 12 Ga 3 1/2 inch MAGNUM 00 BUCK 9 BOX OF 5EA
  • Winchester 12 ga 3 1/2 inch MAGNUM 4 BUCK 23 BOX OF 5EA
  • Would like to trade for Most CCI Mini Mag /Norma Usa tac-22 Etc

Lets talk.  I paid reasonable prices for this ammo and no longer own the guns. Been a club member for 7 yrs .

Name:  Felix Rojas


Phone:  720-340-9019


E-mail address:


Brief Description:  Norma 7x57 Mauser used brass for reloading. 20 cases.  Price $10

Name:  Phil Anderson


Phone:  970-492-5199


E-mail address:


Brief Description:  54 rounds of M2 AP Ammo made for the M 1 rifle. There are 30 loose rounds Head stamped L S 53 and 24 rounds in M I clips Head stamped T W 53. Asking 20.00

Name:  Zachary Vestal


Phone: 303-638-3183


E-mail address:


Brief Description:  Scope and several sets of rings for sale:


Steiner GS3 2-10x42 scope for sale. $500 OBO. About 50 rounds fired, hunted one season, always covered. Perfect condition, built like a tank, incredible light transmission. S-1 reticle. 30mm tube. See here for full description:


Steiner H-Series lightweight rings. $50 OBO. 30mm/High. Mounted once, discovered they were too high, removed and re boxed.

Warne Mountain Tech rings. $50 OBO. 30mm/Medium height. New in package.


Leupold Backcountry Cross-Slot rings. $50 OBO. 1" low. New in package

Name:  Kevin


Phone: 970-980-7188


E-mail address:


Brief Description:  I have 690 rounds of mixed 7.62x51mm ammo. It is all Berdan primed. There's South African, Malaysian, and about 3 boxes worth (20/box) that is unknown to me.  I am looking for a buyer interested in a per-round price of 68¢. Anyone? Pictures available upon request.

Name: Robert Hintz


Phone:  970-217-5412


E-mail address:


Brief Description:  I have 6lb of Winchester 231 powder in 1lb cans for sale,  $132

Name:  Byron McGough


Phone:  970-493-2244


E-mail address:


Brief Description:  For Sale - Best Offer!  25-06 RCBS Dies, 53 ea. 117 Gr. Cartridges, 277 ea. brass cases 270 RCBS Dies, 161 ea. 130 Gr. Cartridges, 126 ea. 130-150 Gr Bullets, 324 brass cases

Name:  Kristian Colson


Phone:  970-744-0656


E-mail address:


Brief Description:  Genuine Pelican 1720 Long gun case in very good condition. Uncut foam inserts included. 42x13.5x5.3  These are $250+ new
I will take $160 or I would consider trades.

Steel cased 9mm
Bird Shot
Steel cased 762x39
Steel cased 223
Range finder
CZ75 magazines
AR15 bolt 
Feel free to offer
Thank you for looking :)

Name:  Keith Gallie

E-mail address:


Brief Description:  Hornady Lock-N-Load A.P Loader and set of 38 Special dies. All about 10 years old (?) but all unused. Includes a lot of used brass.


Name:  Gerald Bragg


Phone:  970-566-5607


E-mail address:

Brief Description:  Large Bore Brass & Bullets For Sale BULLETS:  Barnes 8mm , Barnes 338 Lapua, Barnes & Hornady .416, Barnes 505 Gibbs NEW BRASS:  Remington 30-06, Nosler 375 H-H Mag, Nosler 338 Win Mag, ONCE FIRED BRASS: Federal 30-06, Mag Tech 454 Casull, Hornady 500 S/W, Misc. 505 Gibbs, Federal 375H-H Mag., Federal 416 Rigby   Call or e-mail for more info.


Name:  Robert Jackson


E-mail address:

Brief Description:  I have a very large number of Lake City .223 brass as well as a large number of 9mm and .40 caliber brass available. Make offer. I live in Loveland.

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