Phone:  1-303-807-3363


E-mail address:


Brief Description:  Guns and gear for sale

1.      Ruger New Vaquero Bisley revolver .45 LC; high gloss stainless with           rosewood grip; 98%+; $725
2.      AR 15 variant; Frontier lower; .556 NATO; Magpul rear sight, tower             front; few rounds through it; $1,000
3.      Home defense shotgun; 12 Gauge; Winchester 1300 defenderpump;           hardwood; blue; some cosmetic blemishes. $265
4.      Makarov .380 pistol (not 9mm Makarov) with holster and extras;                 Baikal 98%; $500
5.      Taurus PT 99 AF; 9mm Brazil M9 variant manufactured from Beretta           2nd gen machining. $450
6.      Ruger Single 6 blue convertible; .22 LR with .22 mag cylinder; $375
7.      S&W .38 Spl hammerless lightweight M 42. $575
8.      K 98 Mauser variant; Yugo 1947 Model 24/47; 7.92 x 57mm Rifle;               (8MM Mauser); Believed to be mfg by Preduzece Crvena Zastava                 (Red Flag Factory); bolt operation is very smooth; part numbers                  match; see online discussion:
            Rifle-(Mfg-by-Preduzece-Crvena-Zastava)  $480
9.      Steyer M 95 Mannlicher carbine; 8x56R; matching numbers;                       bayonet and extras; $380
10.     Moisin Nagant mil surplus; $325
11.     M-1 Garand 30.06 Springfield Armory; manuals, deployment bag                and cleaning gear; $1,300
12.     Colt Anaconda .45 LC; 98%; stainless 6”; $3,000
13.     Colt Lawman Mark III .357 mag.; unshrouded, nickel 4” 98%;                    $1,050
14.     Colt Detective .38 Spl (third issue); 2” nickel; 98%; $1,250
15.     Colt Python; .357 mag 6”; blue; original version; excellent                          condition; box; 98%; $3,400
16.     Sig 229 in .40 S&W. 98%, includes Mitch Rosen 5JR holster. Hard                case.  $850.

17.     FEG P9M (PJK-0HP); Browning High Power pattern in 9 mm; $400

18.     I have a few bows, archery targets and a turkey decoy

19.     10 Gauge ammo free, sold the gun


I have original box for most handguns, and holsters for some; box adds 10-15% to value. I have ammo and slings for some rifles.  All firearms subject to prior sale and transfers to be through FFL dealer after background check.

Text Nevin Seeger at 303-807-3363 or email at:

Name:  Braevin


E-mail address:


Brief Description:  Top AK-103

Country: Russia

Manufacturer:  Izhmash
Model:  SGL21 (SAIGA)
Caliber:  7.62x39mm
Other:  Optics rail and 10 rd. detachable mag
Condition:  Factory New
Price:  $3,499


Bottom AK-103
Counrty:  Bulgaria
Manufacturer:  Arsenal
Model:  SLR-107FR
Caliber:  7.62x39mm
Other:  Optics rail, metal triangle folding stock, and 10 rd. detachable mag
Condition:  Used, Excellent Condition, Like New
Price:  $2,499

These two top tier AKs are about as close as US citizens can get to owning a real AK-103.  The AK-103 is currently being used by the Russian military and police.  The Russian SGL21 (SAIGA) is built at the famous Izhmash arms factory where they currently build canons and AKs for the Russian military.  Only a small number of the SGL21s came into the US before Russia invaded Crimea.  When this happened the US put trade sanctions on Russia and the SGL21 stopped being imported.  The rare Arsenal AK with the metal side folding stock hasn’t been imported to the US in many years.  The reason for this is unknown.  Both of these rifles come with all their original packaging, paper work and manuals.  I also have 7.62x39mm ammo and other accessories for sale. 

Name:  Miles D Kramer


Phone:  970-397-7683


E-mail address:


Brief Description:  Pre-1964 (1959) Unfired Winchester Model-70 Custom Rifle in .375 H&H Mag, Comes with About 15 Boxes of Ammo.  Custom Wood, One of a Kind Really Beautiful. $6,000.00

Name:  Miles D Kramer


Phone:  970-397-7683


E-mail address:


Brief Description:  Nosler Custom - Model 48 with Leupold Scope.  Nearly New - .280 Ackley Improved, comes with about 10 boxes of Nosler Custom Ammo.
Looking for $2,000 - send me an email for pictures

Name:  Warren R Johnson


Phone:  970-308-6664


E-mail address:


Brief Description:  Custom Built AR15 SPR

Name: Brian Holder


Phone:  303-709-3704


E-mail address:


Brief Description:  I have multiple singleshot pistrols for sale:


  • freedom arms 44 mag
  • Browning 22 pistol
  • 2 xp100
  • 1 Wichita
  • a RPM with 4 barrels
  • tc contender with 2 barrels 

Call or email for pics and prices

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