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Name:  Roger Lewis


Phone:  970 988-5612


E-mail address:


Brief Description:  Looking to put together a group buy.  This is Lovex D036.03 (Pistol Powder) in 33lb drums This is accurate no.5 pistol powder equivalent.  Have to buy 100# minimum and 2/3 of the way there. Cost is $10 / pound delivered for local pick up.  Contact me for details

Name:  Tony DeCrosta


E-mail address:


Description:  I have brand newly made .22LR ammo.  CCI standard velocity and CCI Quiet.  $3 for each 50 round box (.06 per rnd).  I have as many as you want.  By the box, case, etc....

Name:  Bill Saust


Phone:  970-391-2805


E-mail address:


Description:  AR15 Trigger.  I have an almost new Calvin Elite Trigger with adjustable trigger shoes for sale.  I just bought it and it has only been to the range once, pulled the trigger 65 times.  It is in excellent condition, have all parts and papers.  It is a drop in, single stage, 1.5 lb. pull.  If you were thinking about getting a trigger upgrade, check this out.  The link to the Brownell listing is below.  Asking $150


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